Bader Group

Mr. Ghulam Abbas Abedali Bader founded the Bader Group that consist of Bader Maintenance and Construction, Bader Anthony pools, Bader Anthony General Trading, Bader My Garden and Bader Real Estate. By the strong leadership his business grow to up be a one of the leading group in Kingdom of Bahrain.
Since in incorporation in 43 years, the Bader Group has gradually and consistently expanded and diversified its business and services to become at present a distinguished group employing more than 200 employees in the different sectors as well Construction, Trading, Real Estate and Agencies.

Our Chairman

Mr. Ghulam Abbas Abedali Bader is the Founder and Chairman of Bader Group. It was founded in 1973, under the name of Bader Antony pools which is now the ‘A’ Graded swimming pool construction company in Bahrain. Bader Group is a diversified business group that consists of Bader Maintenance and Construction, Bader Antony Pools, Bader Antony General Trading, Bader My Garden and Bader Real Estate. Mr. Bader under his watchful eyes and self-dedication grew BMC as one of the largest swimming pool Construction, cleaning, repairing, and Renovation Company in Middle East. The company growth from a small office in Manama to a Modern and well-equipped office in tubli was possible only due to the hard work and perseverance of Mr. Bader. The Chairman, Managing Director and his highly knowledgably team had always provided with best designed swimming pool which is tailor-made as per customer for their utmost satisfaction. BMC is one of the companies in GCC that holds highest collection of Swimming pool products including some antique pieces. The Company has received many awards from different swimming pool equipment suppliers for the contribution in the field of swimming pool. Now the company proudly continues to provide the best quality of products and services to its valuable customers.